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Welcome to the website of amateur artist, Cheryl Goacher. Within these digital pages, you will find numerous examples of her work, including original illustrations and character designs, and fanart based on various media. She is also the artist behind the website Club Nintendo Archives, creating webgraphics reminiscent of '80s-'90s era video game artwork. You can also see her selection of t-shirt designs, all of which are available to buy from the CeeGee Toons shops hosted by Teepublic and Teemill.

Important Notice: A selection of t-shirt designs will be retired from 'CeeGee Toons Teemill' on the 15th of June. Don't miss out on these products!

Nintendo has announced a 'Unicorn Vs. Narwhal' splatfest for Splatoon 2 in North America on June 14th/15th. No matter which side you choose, be sure to grab a CeeGee Toons 'Unicorn Vs. Narwhal' t-shirt, so you can splat in style!

Art Sample FoxArt Sample CoyoteArt Sample Star FoxArt Sample FluffballArt Sample SkullArt Sample WeaselArt Sample Frog

Copyright 2019 Cheryl Goacher. No artwork is to be altered, reused, or redistributed without permission. All 'fanart' images were created in appreciation of the works depicted, with no infringement intended.